Your Self-Service Basics

For a basic introduction to Your Self-Service, you can take a guided tour here.

Access Your Self-Service from a computer or mobile device.

Download Your Self-Service Access (en espaƱol) with reminders for log in basics.

Log In to Your Self-Service

STEP 1 In an Internet browser, navigate to Your Self-Service:

The Infor Sign In page displays.

 Infor Sign In Page

STEP 2 Click the appropriate login link:
  • If you provided a personal email address to Ashley, click the Cloud Identities link.
  • If you have an Ashley-provided email address (, click the ASHLEYFUR link.
STEP 3 If you clicked the ASHLEYFUR link, use your network credentials to log in.

If you clicked the Cloud Identities link, the Infor page displays.

 Infor Page

STEP 4 In the Username field, type your personal email address.
STEP 5 In the Password field, type your password.
STEP 6 Click the Sign In button.

The Employee Home page displays.

STEP 7 Use the My Applications menu to navigate to the appropriate role.


This section covers basic navigation of Your Self-Service, including the Quick Links, side menu and top menu.


Quick Links

For more detailed information, read more about Quick Links and watch this video.


Notifications, Inbasket and Actions

Your Self-Service has a few ways to show you what you've done and what you need to do. To learn more about each of these areas, watch the video:


Sign Out of Your Self-Service

When you're done in Your Self-Service, you need to sign out. Be sure to sign out and completely close the app or browser each time you finish in Your Self-Service. Watch the video here: